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sft1210-3 Sale!
  • Soft Bi-Color 2,850lux/1m Daylight, 580*330*55mm/22.8*13*2.2″ 3kg/6.6lb,  Bicolor 120deg soft panel, with 1200 LEDs and 600 devoted to 5600 deg K, 600 to 3200 deg K.  Generating  generating 2850 lux/1m Daylight, 2400lux/1m Tungsten.
$561.00 $420.00
sft910-4 Sale!
  • Soft Bi-Color 1300lux/1m Daylight. wide 490*320*55mm 19.2*12.6*2.2″ 3kg/6.6lb,  Bicolor 120deg soft panel, with 960 LEDs and 480 devoted to 5600 deg K, 480 to 3200 deg K.  Generating  generating 2200 lux/1m Daylight, 2000lux/1m Tungsten.
$761.00 $570.00
sft610-4 Sale!
  • Soft Bi-Color 1300lux/1m Daylight, 250*270*40mm/8.8*10.6*1.6″ 2kg/4.4lb,  Bicolor 120deg soft panel, with 600 LEDs and 300 devoted to 5600 deg K, 300 to 3200 deg K.  Generating  generating 1300 lux/1m Daylight, 980lux/1m Tungsten.
$367.00 $275.00

The 110-MN series is a dedicated intelligent auto-tracking camera, with cutting-edge technology in the field of Education informatization.

The 110-MN series is built-in with the high-speed processor, advanced image processing, and analysis algorithms to track lecturers and students accurately and quickly, which is in line with the requirements of lecturer capture and remote interactive teaching.
The 110-MN series adopts advanced ISP technologies and algorithms, to make a vivid image quality, screen brightness uniformity, strong sense of depth, high-definition, and fantastic color rendition.
As a stable, reliable and simple machine to operate, The 110-MN series has full function and high performance.Also it is easy to install and maintain.

KV-960A-MN Sale!

Full HD, Wide View Angle, Multiple Video Interfaces. Multiple protocols.

KV-960A-MN  series camera offers perfect functions, superior performance, and rich interfaces. The features include advanced ISP processing algorithms to provide vivid images with a strong sense of depth, high resolution, and fantastic color rendition. It supports H.264/H.265 encoding which makes motion video fluent and clear even under less than ideal bandwidth conditions.

$1,164.00 $873.00

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